Every time it rains, fertilizers, herbicides, bacteria from pet waste, and chemicals flow from our properties into local waterways. This pollution can make it unsafe for people and wildlife. Join other residents of the James River watershed in becoming a River Hero Home to protect the health and beauty of our local streams and rivers.

Become a River Hero Home today! It’s easy, It’s fun and you’ll be helping to protect the health and beauty of local streams and the James River.

Amber Ellis
Watershed Restoration Manager


The James River is Virginia’s largest river, flowing across the entire state. It’s also the largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. Each year, millions of family members and friends visit the James to boat, fish, hike and enjoy its beautiful scenery together.


Stormwater runoff continues to be one of the largest threats facing the James River. Becoming a River Hero Home is a simple way to help protect the James River to ensure its health and enjoyment for future generations.


River Hero Homes is a community of stewards that realize the first step to a cleaner James River starts in their own backyard. Take steps to improve your home and become a hero for your community and your river.
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Every River Hero Home receives a garden flag, sticker, membership card, a free year Family Membership to the James River Association, and an invitation to exclusive gatherings.

River Hero Home members receive special discounts at participating local garden shops and nurseries.
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Grow Milkweed for Monarchs and the James River!

Did you know that Monarchs cannot survive without Milkweed? The caterpillars only eat Milkweed leaves, so they always lay their eggs on these plants. Much of this habitat has been lost to development and we are seeing a decline in this majestic butterfly. By planting...
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Creating a New Garden Bed

You’ve got a plan for what you want to plant and where you want to plant it, good work! However, right now all you see is the old lawn staring back at you and you’re exhausted just thinking about turning it into a new garden bed! I’m here to tell you there is an...
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Eva Clarke Shares Her River Hero Home Story

In addition to being a River Hero Home, Eva Clarke is an environmental advocate, yoga instructor, and art teacher. Her love for the James River is enjoyed through taking her family and dogs to walk on the various trails along the James River. Eva believes the most...
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David Stokes Shares His River Hero Home Story

"Become a River Hero Home to cut down on runoff from rainwater, control runoff of fertilizer, monitor soil erosion, and practice being a good steward of the land and the river." David Stokes is a River Hero Home in Lynchburg, VA. Now that he has retired he tries to...
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Rick McCormick Shares His River Hero Home Story

Rick McCormick may be retired, but his work in sustainable gardening is as robust as ever. He is a River Hero Home and Master Gardener in Bon Air, Virginia. His favorite activity along the James River is to walk the variety of trails in the region. He gives love back...
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