Paint Out Pollution

Did you know that stormwater, or rainwater that runs off hard surfaces such as rooftops, streets and parking lots, represents the fastest growing source of pollution in the James River?

Paint Out Pollution is a project to increase awareness of stormwater pollution and celebrate the native flora and fauna that call the James River home. Richmond artists created stencils to be used to install art on storm drains. Students and volunteers will use the stencils to install art on storm drains throughout the Richmond region.

The James by Nicole Gomez
2016 RVA H20 Storm Drain Art Project

"You drop it, I drink it" by Abby Klein
You Drop It, I Drink It by Abby Klein
2016 RVA H20 Storm Drain Art Project

Get Involved

We need your help to spread water quality awareness around the Richmond community by helping paint storm drains around the city.


Thank you to these amazing artists who contributed to Paint Out Pollution:

Genesis Chapman • Aijung Kim • Amelia Blair Langford • Kevin Orlosky • Jennifer Thompson


Paint Out Pollution is a partnership between the James River Association and Art on Wheels. If you have any questions about the project, contact Justin Doyle at

Justin Doyle

Justin Doyle

Community Conservation Manager
Phone: (804) 788-8811 ext.212

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