Exploring the James River

How do you River?

You can hike it, bike it, swim it, run it or raft it.

How you enjoy the James River is up to you.

Here are some resources to help connect you with your river.

How is the river in your area?

Many portions of the James River and tributaries are currently impaired due to excessive harmful bacteria. And for those who swim or recreate in the River, bacteria is an invisible pollutant that can pose serious health threats.

James River Watch website

We have a team of volunteers that take weekly water samples and report their findings to the James River Watch. Every Friday, from Memorial Day to Labor day, check the James River Watch for water conditions in your area.

Support HB1610 for Menhaden Management

An adult menhaden can filter up to four gallons of water in a minute! These fish keep the ocean water clean and clear. The Atlantic menhaden also happens to be an extremely important food source for many other aquatic animals. Therefore, the Chesapeake Bay’s ecosystem...
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(Re)Connect to Nature – First Day Hike

Many people will head outdoors to start 2018 on the right foot and connect to nature on January 1st as part of the First Day Hike, a nationwide initiative led by America’s State Parks. We’ve all heard that being outside is good for you, but research has found the...
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Wildlife of the James – Common Merganser

When many people hear the word “duck”, they picture a mallard – and, more particularly, the emerald green head of a male mallard. However, throughout the James River watershed, there are a wide variety of ducks. One of these is the Common Merganser, also known in...
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Wildlife of the James – The Ghostly Sycamore

It is Halloween once again, and if there’s a perfect tree for the Halloween season it is the American sycamore. In October,  when the trees in the James River watershed begin to change color and shed their leaves, the ghostly trunk of the American sycamore (Platanus...
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Proposal for Primitive Camping Area at Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Park Approved

The Charles City County Board of Supervisors approved a proposal for the creation of a small primitive camping area at Lawrence Lewis, Jr. Park at its meeting, Tuesday, September 26.

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Explore the river with Terrain 360

Through a partnership with Terrain360 and The Tomato Fund, you can explore the entire 340-mile length of the James River through high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic images. This website is a great resource for scouting out the river before you travel, or for armchair exploring!

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